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Is it possible to book a room online?
Absolutely yes! Write us using our page Contacts: you will be able to book a room or ask for information about your stay.  If you prefer to contact us directly, you can write to

If I have an emergency, is it possible to cancel the booking?
Of course, we will inform you about our cancellation policy during the booking process, give you the pricing details and answer your questions.

Is breakfast included into the price of all the rooms?
Yes, of course.  A nutritious buffet breakfast will be served in the breakfast room.

I am on a business trip; do you have an internet connection?
You can connect to Wi-Fi from your room or any other part of the hotel.

Can I bring my four-legged friend with me?
Yes, small pets are welcomed here.

Is there a car park?
Not only! Besides the free parking, we offer a garage for bikes for cycling enthusiasts.

Is the hotel close to the city center?
The hotel is very close to the centre of Morbegno. Just an 8-minute walk and you will be in Sant'Antonio Square.

Hotel Ristorante Morbegno

A lot of facilities that can be useful for cyclists, from the garage to the laundry

Within a stone's throw from the Valtellina Trail,
one of the most fascinating cycling lanes of Italy.


We are in Morbegno in Via Stelvio 180