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Sentieri per bici e mountain bike a Morbegno.

Do you like cycling? In Valtellina you will find trails, routes, hiking and cycling paths that are suitable for anyone. Take a look at a small selection that we have prepared for you.

Valtellina Path

It is one of the most fascinating bike routes, that you just cannot miss. You can follow the part of the Valtellina Path that leads from Colico to Morbegno and from Morbegno to Sondrio and later takes you from Morbegno to Tirano.

The cycle route (indeed, the cycle and pedestrian!) is easy, suitable for beginners and includes no difficult parts.

Cycle lanes

We point out only some of the routes that you can use to cycle here in Morbegno:

  • Tour of the ancient villages: from the Station you arrive to the bridge across the river Adda, passing Traona, Caspano, Cevo, Bridges Paniga and Ganda, and finally arrive at the
  • Nuovo Bridge and head back to the Station. The path is 27 kilometers long.
  • A ring 8 kilometres long from Morbegno to Arzo on the trail.
  • From Morbegno to Ledino, a track on the road 13 kilometers long, passing Civo Roncaglia, Poira.
  • Ring on the cycling lane: path 19 kilometres long, start from the bridge across Adda, and pass Bello, Serone, Pilasco, Desco, Paniga, and Ganda Bridge.

Easy and difficult routes for mountain bikes

  • The ring that starts in Morbegno and will allow you to admire the Coast of Cech. It starts on the road and then the path follows into the wood.
  • If you feel you are trained enough and want a long and difficult route, then we recommend the circular route from Morbegno that will lead you to the refuge Alpe Piazza. You will pass Albaredo and San Marco on your way. The trip is 33 km long and has an elevation of 1665 meters. It takes in average 6 hours to complete the route.

If you want to get to know our routes, we will be happy to help you once you arrive at the Hotel La Ruota.

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