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Welcome to the Hotel la Ruota I am Michele and I have inherited from my parents their passion for hospitality and empathy towards the guests.

I have been immersed in the hospitality industry since birth, learning the ropes directly from my mother, and that's why I consider myself a child of the hotel, which I am running with my wife Laura and my children, Giorgia, Riccardo and Raul now. I give new energy to my roots with them. 

A story that began 50 years ago.

Hotel la Ruota had always been a family business and we decided not to change it.  My mom had a great gift: she made friends with guests and invited her friends to the hotel. 

In the new management of La Ruota I will follow what I have learned from my parents by their example: our hotel will be a place to get away from the monotony of everyday life, a place, where you can get lost in emotions that only the mountains can give you.

Your hotel in Morbegno.

La Ruota is located a few steps away from the centre of Morbegno, the town of Bitto. It’s just a short walk away from the station.

If you come to us by car, you will find a parking and a large garage here.

But most importantly, you will find a family that will welcome you and make you feel at home in a comfortable house to stay.


Hospitality and warm welcome

We were in the hotel and restaurant some days ago with my family (new management) run by one family from Morbegno. We were really impressed by a warm welcome that we were given a very spacious and clean room. Then we asked if we could eat something and our wishes immediately became true despite of the late hour. It was 14:30 and the restaurant was about to close.

Nicola Cisternino

Hotel Ristorante Morbegno

A lot of facilities that can be useful for cyclists, from the garage to the laundry

Within a stone's throw from the Valtellina Trail,
one of the most fascinating cycling lanes of Italy.


We are in Morbegno in Via Stelvio 180